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How to reach Aegina.

You can reach Aegina by boat, either using a conventional ship with a cost of 7.5 to 9.5 euros and a travelling time of around 1 hour and 10 minutes or using a speed-boat with a cost of 13.5 euros and a travelling time of around 40 minutes.

From the main port of Aegina you can find Hotel Aegina by walking for about 400 meters or alternatively, you can reach Hotel Aegina by car or by taxi. The fare is around 3 euros and the distance is no more than 1,5 kilometers.

How to get to the hotel.

The shortcut if you are on foot, is the "Aristophanous" Street, which is located between ALPHA Bank and Media Centre (aka "Kentro Tipou", store-magazines newspapers). Going up the alley and covering 150 meters you are at the end of the road where you will find the street "Stratigou Dimitriou Petriti" and turning left, you will find us after just 1 minute (150 meters) on the left side of the road. (Our address is: Stratigou Dim. Petriti 23).